New Outdoor Solar Lamps Wireless Solar Power Security Light

New Outdoor Solar Lamps Wireless Solar Power Security Light

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Illuminate driveways, gardens patios and more with this super bright motion activated wireless solar security light.
The weather resistant design makes it ideal for use on commercial properties, warehouses and storage buildings
The advanced solar panel charges by natural daylight and provides up to 90 actives per charge - No wiring or batteries required! - Daylight sensor ensures light is only activated in darkness to conserve power consumption
Detects motion up to 10-Feet away - Resembles a CCTV camera which helps deter intruders! - Easy to remove from mounting to use as handheld torch
1* 3w Super Bright LED stays lit for 28 seconds when motion is detected - Provides lighting for 100,000 hours - 250 LM - Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 90mm - Complete with on/off switch - Wall mounted fixtures included

The instant this advanced motion activated security light senses anything passing within a 10 foot radius of its sensors, it throws out a powerful beam of white light.

The light stays on as long as there is a presence in the beam, but automatically switches off 28 seconds after movement ceases.

The light is solar powered and the super bright LED is so energy-efficient they provide approx. 100,000 hours of life.

The light's base rotates 180 degrees and the light can be easily removed from the fitting turning the light into a a hand held torch.

The intelligent light has a dusk till dawn or (daylight) sensor installed which means the light will only operate in darkness conserving the battery life throughout day light hours.

Mounting bracket and fixings included, so there's no need to call an electrician - simply fix it yourself.

Features:Weather Proof/ Rainsafe
Power Source: Solar
Set of:1 Light