Outside LED Solar Powered Bug Zapper Killer Yard Light

Outside LED Solar Powered Bug Zapper Killer Yard Light

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UV LED Solar Powered Outdoor Mosquito Insect Pest Bug Zapper Killer

Item introduction:
Solar Light Bug Zapper. This solar light with bug zapper attracts and kills mosquitoes and other small flying insects while providing white LED light for your lawn, garden, path or walkway. 2-in-1 light / bug zapper saves money.
Uses no chemicals, no harm to hunman. No wiring necessary. Easy installation.
It's a great convenient way to kill mozzies, flies and bugs inside and outdoors, with no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution as it uses solar power.

Super bright white  & UV LED
Environmentally friendly with solar power
 Switch between light (one for white light, the other for purple light, and bug zapper (ON2 --- light; ON1 --- bug zapper)
The solar panel is water-proof, will not be damaged in rain
The white LED can be used to bring light to any garden parties or pathways
 No electricity or wiring needed

No tools required for install
 No electricity or wiring needed