Portable Solar USB Charger

Portable Solar USB Charger

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For the first time, the need to use a data cable to connect the computer to activate the charger,

Charge about 3 hours. After the sun can be enough, through the solar panels of solar radiation charged.


Our new factory solar charger window stickers, more convenient to carry!

This solar charger can be used to charge the cell phone or MP3 player,

It can be used in the car, office or home. Of course, as long as outdoor sun exposure is also a very impressive mobile power.



Material: ABS plastic

Solar panels: 5-5.5V 0.6W

Micro USB input: 5V / 1A

USB output: 5V / 1A

Polymer battery capacity: 5200MA, se You can recycle more than 1,000 times.

Adopt smart chip, support overload / discharge / overload and short circuit protection.


Obtain the charging instructions:

1 charge mobile solar energy with sunlight or computer: if it takes approximately 3 hours to charge the power via the computer's USB,

The LED will turn red during charging, charging will be completed and the LED will turn off.

2. Charge the power supply with bright light, it takes 8 to 10 hours to fill. When charging mobile phones and other digital products, charge the product first.

3 Mobile solar power for mobile phone or MP3 charging: green LED light, when the battery runs out, it automatically cut off the power.

4. Solar power: 0.6W monocrystalline

Batteries: polymer batteries

Accessories: 1 cable, 1 manual